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Admissions to Year 7

We participate in the Lincolnshire County Council common application process for transfer from primary school. All applications for students to move to secondary school need to be directed to the county council’s admissions team; they deal with all applications on behalf of secondary schools and academies. If you live outside of the Lincolnshire, you will apply to your own county council but can still list SRPA as a preferred choice of school. They then forward your application onto Lincolnshire County Council on your behalf. If you have missed their deadline or have just moved into the area you should contact the Lincolnshire Admissions Team on 01522 782030 for further information. A link to their website is provided.

Admission Form


Appealing Against a Decision

Sometimes when a parent applies to our school for a place for their child, we may not be able to accommodate the student and the application is turned down. Under normal circumstances, the framework within which schools work means that places are generally refused because:

1) the school is full
2) the school has received more applications than there are places available
3) the primary/infant school has reached the infant class size limit
4) *the school is a grammar school and your child has not reached the required standard of entry

Schools may also refuse a place:

1) in the sixth form of a school, even if it is the school the child already attends
2) in a year group which is not the usual year group for the child’s age

Parents have the right to have the school’s decision reviewed by an Independent Appeal Panel when their child is refused a place for any of the above reasons. This is known as an appeal. The Independent Appeal Panel will consider the school’s reasons for refusing the place and the parents’ reasons for preferring the school and make a decision by balancing both sides.

Further information can be found in the guidance booklet and timeline for appeals which are both available for download.

*These do not apply to Sir Robert Pattinson Academy.


Transferring From Other Secondary Schools

A transfer from another secondary school, where a student is already studying, is known as a mid-year admission. If you wish to apply for a mid-year admission at Sir Robert Pattinson Academy you will need to contact the School Admissions Team at the County Council. You can download our prospectus, or, if you wish to have a full copy of our prospectus sent to you, please do not hesitate to contact us at the academy.

If you would like to visit the school during the working day, please telephone or email to arrange an appointment at a mutually convenient time. It may not be possible to accommodate you on a visit, but we consider each application with care.

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