Supporting Learning at SRPA

Please find below the wide range of support available here at Sir Robert Pattinson Academy so pupils can achieve their best. The tabs below will provide further detail on the range of support mechanisms, advice and guidance available as well as what you can do to support your child throughout their studies with us.

Homework Timetables

The homework timetable supports students and parents to plan and organise their home study successfully. It encourages our students to develop their independent study and embed good learning habits.

By setting our homework on Frog we ensure clear communication is shared with students and parents, supporting meeting deadlines, sharing resources and providing opportunities for parents to encourage positive engagement with home study. More information on Frog and how to access it can be found at

If you have any queries please contact

SRPA ACES – How to earn rewards at SRPA


How to earn rewards at SRPA

Attitudes 2 Learning

Once a term your subject teachers will grade you on your Attitude to Learning (A2L). This is how you will be rewarded:

  • Expert Learner – 80 points
  • Highly Effective Learner – 60 points
  • Effective Learner – 40 points
  • Developing Learner – 20 points

Core Values

  • Every term we will focus on one of SRPA’s core values
  • You will be given ‘coffee shop style’ cards. These can be signed by staff when you demonstrate an element of a core value, for example, good effort in a lesson or holding a door open. You will see a list of examples around school and in your R2L room.
  • Completed cards can be handed in for 50 House Points and used as a ticket for a prize draw in assemblies!


  • Pupils who give their time and effort to contribute to the house system, wider curriculum and community will be recognised and rewarded with House Points.


  • Every lesson subject teachers will award 2 ‘Stars of the lesson’. This will be to those pupils that have gone beyond their own capabilities, shown extra effort and stood out as having a really good lesson. Stars of the lesson will be given 10 house points.
  • At the end of each half term subject teachers and tutors will award 2 students ‘Star of the term’. This will give them a postcard, a badge, 20 house points along with informing home of your achievements.

The following equipment is essential for learners to be successful at SRPA in all subjects. If replacement equipment is required, it is available from Student Reception where a pencil case can be bought for £1 which includes the first 5 items in the list.

Students will need the following equipment:

  • Black Pen
  • Pencil
  • Green Pen
  • Ruler
  • Eraser
  • Compass
  • Protractor
  • Calculator
  • Planner
  • Mask
  • Scientific calculator
  • Reading book

For examinations (both internal and external), students will need the equipment listed below in a clear pencil case to comply with JCQ examination regulations.

  • 2 black pens black (no gel pens)
  • 2 pencils
  • Ruler
  • Eraser
  • Scientific calculator (remove case if possible)
  • Protractor
  • Compass
How you can best use your planner at SRPA

The Planner is a fundamental tool in assisting students in becoming Expert Learners. The planner contains a wealth of information from subject specific support to useful information and strategies to encourage positive mental health and wellbeing. Students will also find information relating to the SRPA Value for each term along with activities and challenges related to each Value.

  • Planner to be placed on the desk in each R2L session and lesson
  • Record every piece of homework set in detail along with the due date.
  • If no homework is set that lesson, circle ‘no homework set’. Don’t just leave it blank.
  • Parents/carers to sign weekly (to be checked on a Monday).
  • Planners signed by tutors on a Monday
    If not:
    One chance to get it signed by Tuesday
    If planner is not signed by Tuesday, break time detention issued and email sent home by tutor.
    House teams to support in cases of repeated missed signatures
Online Resources
SubjectHomework platform                                                   How to access
Child DevelopmentFrog and Sam Learning
  • Log-in for FROG from IT support, go to the Child Care and Development page
  • Seneca – A log in has been emailed to your account
ComputingFROG, IDEA (KS3)
Design and Technology



SAM Learning

  • Log-in for FROG from IT support
  • Specific class log in shared in class and on FROG
  • SAM learning details through e-mail
  • Log-in for FROG from IT Support
EFP/RSFrog, Seneca, SAM Learning
  • Log-in for Frog from IT support – go to EFP page
  • Seneca – A log in will be emailed by the class teacher
  • SAM Learning details through e-mail
  • All resources for all year groups for online learning can
  • be found by following these steps:
  • Frog – Subject Sites – English – Home Learning 2020 – Year x

Frog, Seneca, Sam Learning, Internet Geography, Time for Geography


Health and Social CareFrog and SAM Learning
  • Log-in for FROG from IT support, go to the Health and Social Care page. Seneca – A log in has been emailed to your account

Frog, Seneca, SAM Learning


  • Log-in for Frog from IT support – go to History page
  • Seneca – A log in will be emailed by the class teacher
  • SAM Learning details through e-mail
MFLFrog, Quizlet, Languagenut, Kerboodle, Duolingo
  • Log-in for FROG from IT Support
  • Quizlet log-in (need to create an account. If forgotten details, create new account)
  • Languagenut login details from Mrs Hughes (
  • Kerboodle login details from classroom teacher.
  • Duolingo – create own account.
  • Log-in for FROG from IT Support
PE / sport scienceFROG, SAM Learning
  • Log-in for FROG from IT Support – PE subject site, HOME LEARNING tab.
  • SAM learning details through e-mail




Frog, Seneca and SAM learning
  • Log-in for FROG from IT support, go to the Psychology
  • Seneca – an email code will be sent by your teacher to access activities
  • Seneca – A log in has been emailed to your account



FROG, Educake, SAM Learning
  • Log-in for FROG from IT Support
  • Educake:
  • Log-in: classroom teacher during term 1 (password will need changing on first log in)
  • Password recovery to be set up by the student (follow instructions on Educake following first log in)
  • Any issues – email classroom teacher for support
  • SAM learning details through e-mail
SociologyFrog, Seneca, SAM Learning, padlet
  • Log-in for Frog from IT support – go to the Sociology page
  • Seneca – A log in will be emailed by the class teacher
  • SAM Learning details through e-mail
  • Padlet- used to provide wider reading
Travel and TourismFrog
  • Log-in for Frog from IT support – go to Travel & Tourism page
Online safetyNational Online Safety
Online Safety – how to support your child accessing the internet

Below you can find webinars from National Online Safety. As students are completing more and more work online, it is important for them to stay safe online.

  • Brand new parents webinars presented by Myleene Class, covering a huge range of topics including mental health, online relationships and social media. Click here to access.
  • New parents guides available including video streaming apps, online hoaxes, gaming influencers, Overwatch and the dark web. Click here to access.

To access the links you will need to use your National Online Safety account. If you have not signed up already, you can do so by visiting the following link:

Attitudes to Learning Programme at SRPA

Our Attitudes to Learning programme at SRPA supports pupils to improve their practice and ultimately their progress and outcomes. We use the tariff for target setting and in our reporting to parents. Pupils are encouraged and supported to be reflective in their practice and to set targets to improve on the areas identified.

RP-Hub – Additional Wellbeing Support for Pupils at SRPA

What is the RP HUB?

SRPA are passionate about helping those in our community.  The RP-HUB was set up in conjunction with the Bromhead Medical Charity to support those with mental health issues.  The need to address the rise in mental health related issues across the country has accelerated in recent years, notwithstanding North Hykeham.  We want to ensure we are doing everything we can to help those within our community to be healthy and happy.  That is why we decided to set up a unique, flagship programme for mental health support, here at Sir Robert Pattinson Academy.

More information can be found at our dedicated page: 


RP-HUB are pleased to be working in collaboration with Kooth, who are an online counselling service, to help support our ability to meet the well-being needs for our community.  For more information please visit our dedicated page,, and contact if you have any questions.

Letters to parents
Sixth Form