At Sir Robert Pattinson Academy, we are proud of our rewards programme ‘SRPA ACES’, this allows our pupils to be recognised for their effort, attitude and accomplishments. Pupils also have a Values card where extra House Points may be earned for demonstrating one or more of the SRPA Core Values (See Values).


How to earn rewards at SRPA

Attitudes 2 Learning

Once a term your subject teachers will grade you on your Attitude to Learning (A2L). This is how you will be rewarded:

  • Expert Learner – 80 points
  • Highly Effective Learner – 60 points
  • Effective Learner – 40 points
  • Developing Learner – 20 points

Core Values

  • Every term we will focus on one of SRPA’s core values
  • You will be given ‘coffee shop style’ cards. These can be signed by staff when you demonstrate an element of a core value, for example, good effort in a lesson or holding a door open. You will see a list of examples around school and in your R2L room.
  • Completed cards can be handed in for 50 House Points and used as a ticket for a prize draw in assemblies!


  • Pupils who give their time and effort to contribute to the house system, wider curriculum and community will be recognised and rewarded with House Points.


  • Every lesson subject teachers will award 2 ‘Stars of the lesson’. This will be to those pupils that have gone beyond their own capabilities, shown extra effort and stood out as having a really good lesson. Stars of the lesson will be given 10 house points.
  • At the end of each half term subject teachers and tutors will award 2 students ‘Star of the term’. This will give them a postcard, a badge, 20 house points along with informing home of your achievements.

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