Cashless Information & Dining

We have a cashless system within our canteen.

The main benefit of this is that students do not to carry cash around the Academy. Parents are able to ‘top up’ a student’s account online either by debit/credit card or by using a Paypoint Card (available from Asda and many other outlets).

Students can purchase goods within the canteen using their fingerprint to ‘pay’ and their account will be reduced by the amount spent.

Parents are able to see how much money is left on the account in order to be able to ‘top up’ when necessary.

We hope to extend the use of this system to include payment for school trips, revision guides etc.

In the future, it may also be utilised for borrowing from the library, accessing school printers and for monitoring attendance.

If you have not already signed the biometric consent letter, please consider downloading it from this page in order that your child can benefit. If you have not received a copy of this letter electronically, a copy can be found by clicking here

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