The Tutor Programme

The SRPA Tutor Programme for our KS3 and KS4 students consists of Ready to Learn (R2L), House assemblies, Personal Development lessons and Personal Development Days.

In R2L students are prepared for the week ahead by taking part in reflections on their performance. R2L Tutors will ask students to evaluate their own performance, looking at their attendance, engagement in lessons and most importantly the number of House Points achieved! This allows students to set short term targets for improvement and potentially contribute to a longer term goal of winning the Governor’s Cup for their House.

Our students also take part in wider reading and activities based on our focus of the week. Alongside this our assemblies are linked to this focus. The foci range from topics such as Democracy, where students look at how they can get involved in student leadership opportunities to plastics and the environment where they can get involved in supporting our own Green Team and learning about topical issues that student’s awareness is crucial.

The foci for this year are as follows:

The Tutor Programme for KS5 students is slightly different to the younger students. They have their own personal tutor who support their personal development through 1-1 interviews, developing personalised programmes of enrichment, supporting them towards their next steps. As a part of their enrichment programme our Ks5 students support the KS3 and KS4 students with their Tutor Programme with activities such as paired reading, mentoring and buddying.

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