Careers And Work Related Learning

The Academy delivers high quality careers education information advice and guidance across years 7-13. The programme which holds the Quality in Careers Standard, Career Mark Platinum Award follows the Careers Development Institute framework covering careers, employability and enterprise and supports the eight Gatsby Benchmarks. Learning is structured around three core aims of self-development, career exploration and career management. Careers education learning is complimented by access to timely impartial and independent careers information advice and guidance.

Statutory Requirements

The Careers guidance and access for education and training providers September 2022 requires the governing body at Sir Robert Pattinson Academy to ensure that all registered students are provided with independent careers guidance from Year 7 to Year 13. This guidance must be presented in an impartial manner, include information on a range of education or training options and promote the best interests of the students to whom it is given.

The Technical and Further Education Act 2017 (42B Education Act 1997) requires the Academy to ensure that there is an opportunity for a range of education and training providers to access all pupils in Year 8 to Year 13 for the purpose of informing them about approved technical education qualifications or apprenticeships.

The Government’s career strategy published on 4 December 2017, sets out a long term plan to build a world class careers system that will help young people and adults choose the career that is right from them. The statutory guidance “Careers guidance and access for education and training providers”, issued by the Department for Education in January 2018 expands on the aim set out in the strategy to make sure that all young people in secondary school get a programme of advice and guidance that is stable, structured and delivered by individuals with the right skills and experience. To achieve this aim, the careers strategy sets out that every school and academy providing secondary education should use the Gatsby Charitable Foundation’s Benchmarks to develop and improve their careers provision.


Careers Education


Developing Skills and Aspirations

Year 7 students take part in activities that challenge them to explore their likes, and dislikes, strengths and weaknesses, interest and values, skills and qualities, to develop their self-awareness.
Our new cohort also take part in an enterprising activity where students have to use a range of employability skills including initiative, team working, communication and presentation.

Knowing what is available

Year 8 students create a personal statement entitled “This is Me” to show case their development as a person.
Students undertake a range of activities that include investigating what is available in the world of work, understanding the meaning and purpose of work in people’s lives, looking at   laws & byelaws relating to young peoples permitted hours and types of employment they can undertake whilst recognising skills and qualities that help make an employable person.

Making the right choices

Year 9 students take part in a range of activities designed to develop their skills to enable them to make well informed realistic decisions that are right for them at transition points throughout their life. Activities are designed to raise awareness of  labour market information, identify and make the most of  personal network support, look at choices and opportunities available at decision transition points and demonstrate how to be positive flexible and well prepared  to negotiate, make plans and decisions to gain qualifications, skills and experiences needed.


Putting my plans into action

Year 10 students write a personal statement reflecting on how they are changing, what they have to offer and what is important to them.  Students look at how to use positive versions of their own story to manage wellbeing, progress and achievement.

Students take part in activities that allow them to recognise and challenge stereotyping, discrimination and other barriers to equality, diversity and inclusion. They look at how to continue developing skills and qualities they will need to improve their employability. Students will demonstrate how they can be enterprising in the way they learn work and manage their career, know how to make plans and decisions carefully, including how to solve problems and deal with influences on them.

Year 11 students are encouraged to make the most of the careers information advice and guidance activities offered to them by the Academy by taking part in 1:1 guidance interviews and attending our aspiration clinics with their tutor. Students will research a range of options for the best progression pathways through to a specific goal. Financial skills are developed with students looking at how to cope on a limited budget, saving versus spending, understanding income and expenditure and the key terms and their meaning on payslips.


Year 12 attend a  personal  statement presentation and workshops to understand how to present themselves in a positive light and stand out from the rest in a written document to enhance their chances of a university offer or employment. Students assess how they are changing and can match their skills interest’s and values to opportunities in learning and work. Students take part in Independent Living Skills day and an employability and enterprise activity and assess the benefits to them as a learner. All Year 12 learn about safe working practices and the environment to recognise different levels of risk and understand their rights and responsibilities in the work place prior to taking part in a week of work experience.

Year 13 in preparation for the next stage of their transition, attend a presentation on work life balance to understand why it is important for them to achieve a balance and how to do it. Students undertake mentoring roles of younger students within the Academy to develop their employability skills. To understand how employers ensure fairness and offer equal opportunities to all, along with systems they have in place to achieve this, year 12 learn about HR from our very own HR team. Students learn about Higher Degree Apprenticeship opportunities and how they differ to the traditional university route.

This information will be next reviewed September 2022.

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