The Timetable Structure

We have five periods per day, and a two-week timetable.

The Academy has adopted a curriculum based around five lessons, each one hour in length, per day. Three of these occur before lunchtime and two occur after lunch. This means students experience 25 lessons over the course of a standard school week.

The timetable actually works around a ten-day timetable, so instead of the pattern of lessons repeating each week, it repeats every two weeks. The ten-day timetable therefore has days numbered from 1 to 10, and five lessons on each of these days. This means there are 50 lessons to one cycle of the timetable.

Week A covers timetable days 1-5 and is referred to as Blue Week. Students in lower school wear blue ties; on the Friday of a blue week, they may go in to lunch first.

Week B covers timetable days 6-10 and is referred to as Red Week. Students in upper school wear red ties and, similarly to lower school, may go in to lunch first on the Fridays of those weeks.

How can I find out what week it is?

The first week of the academic year will always use Days 1-5; the weeks then alternate throughout the year. Holidays are ignored for the purpose of the timetable, so if one term finishes on Week A (Days 1-5), the next will begin on Week B (Days 6-10).

What happens when?

The school day and its timings are shown below.

8.45 –  Tutor Time
9.05 – Period 1
10.10 – Period 2
11.10 – Break
11.40 – Period 3
12.40 – Lunch
13.10 – Period 4
14.15 – Period 5
15.15 – End of School Day

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