RP-HUB are pleased to be working in collaboration with Kooth, who are an online counselling service, to help support our ability to meet the well-being needs for our community.  Please see below for more information and contact enquiries@srpa.co.uk if you have any questions.

What is it?

Kooth, from XenZone, is an online counselling and emotional well-being service for children and young people, available free at the point of access.

Kooth is:
• Safe, confidential, anonymous
• Free at the point of need
• Available through a smart phone, tablet or computer

How it helps

Kooth helps to reduce wait times for young people seeking help and removes stigma around mental health. Kooth integrates with face-to-face local services to ensure a seamless transition for young people. XenZone’s team of accredited counsellors, therapists and support workers provide guided, outcome-focused help for each individual. XenZone works with local authorities, CCGs, mental health trusts, charities and other organisations to provide early intervention support with clear escalation and de-escalation pathways.

If you need to speak with someone about accessing our RP-HUB Kooth Booths, please ask a member of staff, otherwise you can access Kooth at a time that suits you.  See the poster and online information for more details

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