Our 2020 Key Stage 5 Results


The following table shows our Key Stage 5 results from summer 2020. Along the right hand side of the webpage you will find various links to the relevant Department for Education (DfE) documents which explain some of the performance table measures in greater detail.


2019 Performance Table headline measures:

Overall Cohort7964
Overall – average point score per entry30.6535.49
Overall – average grade per entryCB-
A-level – cohort6649
A-level – average point score per entry28.6736.87
A-level – average grade per entryCB-
Academic – cohort6649
Academic – average point score per entry28.6737.17
Academic – average grade per entryCB-
% A-level cohort achieving AAB or higher in at least 2 facilitating subjects5.3%16.7%
Applied General – cohort4830
Applied General – average point score per entry35.2532.83
Applied General – average grade per entryDistinctionDistinction –
Tech level – cohort314
Tech level – average point score per entry50.032.4
Tech level – average grade per entryDistinction *Distinction –
L2 English progress-0.25n/a
L2 mathematics progress0.33n/a

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